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Take Advantage of Google’s Updated Search Ads: What You Need To Know

17 Sep , 2018 | admin

Starting in May, Google began testing their new responsive search ads. This new format allows for larger search ads to take up more real estate in search results. This is good news for businesses due to the potential increase to ad clicks and provides the ability to provide more details about service or product offerings. However, this may be an unwanted change for those who like to control exactly how their ads are displayed.

In August, an updated ad format was released that allows for nearly double the current character count of 170 to 300. This allows for advertisers to manually control their messaging and testing.

Let’s review how these new developments to Google’s ad platform can be used to gain advantages over competitors slow to change.

What Exactly Are RSA’a (Responsive Search Ads)?

Google Responsive Search Ads - Mason Inc.Responsive Search Ads are Google’s latest ad format that utilizes machine learning to serve various combinations of headlines and descriptions provided by advertisers. Different combinations of headlines and descriptions are chosen based on a searcher’s past browsing history, their device, and words used to search.

Advertisers now can provide up to 15 different headlines and 4 different descriptions. Over time the best performing combination of headlines and descriptions are chosen to primarily serve users in search results.

What Exactly Changed About Expanded Search Ads In August?

Originally, expanded search ads allowed for two 30-character headlines with one description that contained up to 80-characters. In August, these ads nearly doubled in size. Previous ads with two headlines increased to 3 while the 80-character description increased to two 90-character descriptions\ fields.

In total, ads are now nearly twice the size of previous versions, up from 170 total characters to 300. These changes allow advertisers the possible benefits of Responsive Search Ads while retaining control over what exact messaging is tested and appears in search results.

What Are The Benefits Of Updated Expanded Search Ads?

Higher Click Through Rates

One of the biggest benefits of newer expanded search ads is the possibility of increased click-through rate (CTR). When Google previously updated their ad formatting in 2016, advertisers saw an average click through rate increase of 20%.

As of now, Google has noted a 15% increase to CTR for responsive search ads compared to standard search ads. However, these averages do vary from advertiser to advertiser. Based on these results, tests should be performed to see what works best for your campaign.

Over time, Google’s machine learning optimizes and delivers best ads based on performance. This provides opportunities for smaller teams or small businesses to save time and resources by being able to focus on other aspects of account management.

Save Time & Resources

Over time, Google’s machine learning optimizes and delivers best ads based on performance. This provides opportunities for smaller teams or small businesses to save time and resources by being able to focus on other aspects of account management.

Save Money While Taking More Screen Real Estate

Another potential benefit is being able to save more money by bidding on lower positions. Because of the greater size of the ads, more real estate can still be taken up. Combined with the use of ad extensions, this gives your ads increased chances to be clicked.

More Ad Copy Options

If you had a special offer or a key feature to your service or product, your options were limited previously with two 30-character headlines. Now, you can include those additional details in the three 30-character headlines that would have previously been featured in the ad description.

Want To Get The Most Out Of Google’s Updates To Search Ads?

Trying to improve ROI from Google Ads and without getting overwhelmed with all of Google’s updates can be a challenge. If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for with your paid advertising campaigns, our team at Mason can assess your current paid advertising campaign and work with you to achieve your marketing goals. Schedule a consultation today!


Mason’s Christian Renstrom Joins Advertising Club of Connecticut Board of Directors

11 Sep , 2018 | admin

Christian Renstrom, Director of Business Development, Mason, Inc.

As Mason Inc.’s Vice President of Business Development, Renstrom is responsible for marketing Mason’s integrated service capabilities and growing its client base. He brings more than two decades of marketing experience, including his previous position as Advertising Director for the Hartford Business Journal and Vice President & General Manager of Hartford Magazine.

Renstrom also held senior management roles at major telecommunications corporations Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless (now AT&T mobile).

Renstrom has extensive board experience with Special Olympics Connecticut where he served for seven years before joining the staff as Vice President of Corporate Relations and Special Events. Additionally, he has been a member of the board for the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame since 2008.

“Christian has an impressive background of agency, corporate, media and nonprofit experience that will be a valuable asset to our board of directors,” said Bernadette Grecki, Past President & Board Liaison to the Executive Leadership Team of the Advertising Club of Connecticut. “His understanding of the Connecticut marketplace will help further grow the Ad Club and its mission, especially in the New Haven region where Christian is based with Mason. We look forward to working with Christian and welcoming him to the board.”


Mason, Inc. Bolsters Digital and Interactive Capabilities

30 Oct , 2017 | admin

Mason, Inc. enhances its digital and interactive capabilities with the hiring of seasoned professionals Mark Scheets, John Boison and Cliff Huzienga. This trio of specialists will capitalize on a combined nearly two decades of search analytics and web development experience to expand campaign strategy and increase business growth for both the agency and its clients.

“Digital marketing is at the heart of what drives stakeholder engagement today,” says Mason President Fran Onofrio, APR, Fellow PRSA. “Our team has the know-how to assist organizations of all sizes, map their KPIs, execute campaigns, and measure and optimize tactics to generate meaningful conversions.”


Mark Scheets, Digital Strategy and Analytics Manager, Mason, Inc.

Mark Scheets, Digital Strategy and Analytics Manager, Mason, Inc.


Digital Strategy and Analytics Manager – Mark Scheets

Scheets brings extensive SEO, content and analytics experience to Mason’s digital team. He believes that effective SEO and search marketing strategies are built from the ground up and much of his success can be attributed to his commitment to understanding client goals and exploring every possible avenue for improving their campaigns. As SEO and search marketing are continually evolving, Sheets is perpetually improving his capabilities by studying the latest search trends and best practices including earning certifications in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords.



John Boison, Search Marketing Analyst, Mason, Inc.

John Boison, Search Marketing Analyst, Mason, Inc.


Search Marketing Analyst – John Boison

A recent graduate of the University of Hartford, Boison possesses a blend of analytic experience and entrepreneurial spirit well beyond his years. He refined his skills in search, email and social media marketing through his role in the American Marketing Association and an internship with the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce. Boison is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Marketing Research using SPSS.



Cliff Huizenga, Web Developer, Mason, Inc.

Cliff Huizenga, Web Developer, Mason, Inc.


Web Developer – Cliff Huizenga

With more than 10 years of professional experience developing websites, online applications and interactive displays, and a master’s degree in interactive communications, Huizenga has an extensive background in front-end development, UI/UX, e-commerce and mobile accessibility. He is well-versed in a variety of industry-standard codes such as HTML, CSS, JavaSCript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, MODx and more. Huizenga complements his coding knowledge with expertise in web design and inbound marketing allowing him to effectively bring the visions of the Mason creative and marketing teams to life.


For more information about Mason, Inc., please visit


Christian Renstrom Joins Mason, Inc. as Vice President of Business Development

4 Apr , 2017 | admin

Christian Renstrom, Director of Business Development, Mason, Inc.

Christian “Chris” Renstrom has joined the integrated marketing communications firm as vice president of business development. Renstrom, a respected advertising professional with more than two decades of marketing management experience, will leverage the agency’s unique 360° marketing platform and comprehensive service capabilities to further establish the firm as an industry leader.

Prior to joining Mason, Renstrom served as advertising director for the Hartford Business Journal and founded Hartford Magazine, for which he was also vice president and general manager. Furthermore, he excelled in a similar agency environment as vice president of business development at Worx Group (now Worx Branding & Advertising) in Prospect, Connecticut. In these positions, Renstrom fostered deep-rooted connections across the state, particularly the greater-Hartford region which is a major geographic focus for Mason’s new business development.

After sitting on its board for seven years, Renstrom completed a decade long involvement with Special Olympics Connecticut by furthering the organization’s progression as vice president of corporate relations and special events. Through this experience, as well as management roles at major telecommunications corporations Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless (now AT&T mobile), Renstrom established a distinguished network of corporate contacts.

As Mason’s Vice President of Business Development, Renstrom will capitalize on notable connections to procure prominent business and corporate clients, and facilitate steady revenue growth.

“Chris represents an important part of our strategy moving forward as we are poised to place more emphasis in Hartford and Fairfield County areas,” said Charlie Mason, chief executive officer, Mason, Inc. “We are very excited to have someone of Chris’s caliber join us and take our message more aggressively into these markets.”

Renstrom is a lifelong resident of the Greater Hartford community, and currently resides in West Hartford with his two daughters. He graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University where he later served as a foundation board member for nine years. Additionally, he has been a member of the board for the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame since 2009.

For more information about Mason, Inc. please visit

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The True Measure of Success: Q&A with Digital Strategist Joshua Giardino

14 Feb , 2017 | Mason


Joshua Giardino, Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics at Mason

Joshua Giardino, Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics at Mason

Joshua Giardino joined the team at Mason in November 2016 as Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics. He brings more than a decade of digital marketing experience across several technical and creative disciplines, with specific expertise in inbound marketing. We invited him to describe in his own words his approach to strategy and data.


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The Mighty Microsite: When, Why, and How to Use One

19 Jan , 2017 | Mason

Microsites can be a creative playground for brands with a specific campaign, message, or call-to-action to showcase. Rather than be limited by the presentation and structure of an existing website, a microsite allows the brand to design a new experience that’s especially well-suited to the desired outcome, whether that’s awareness, advocacy, sharing, purchasing, or some combination of results.

So what is a microsite, and how might it come in handy?


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Six Signs You Might Benefit from Media Training

15 Jan , 2017 | Mason

The media is a conduit between your brand and your audience, and quality earned media coverage can help brands emerge as leaders in their fields. Sometimes information travels along that conduit smoothly, and sometimes, not so much. Before that happens, it could be time to bring in an expert in media training and brush up those media relations skills.


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The Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey: Unfolding the Map

8 Jan , 2017 | Mason

The Modern B2B Buyer Journey: Unfolding the Map

The explosion of digital-first marketing hit the consumer sector first, forever changing the way people shop. The resulting shock wave has significantly impacted the B2B sector as well, reshaping the landscape of lead generation, customer relationship marketing. The B2B buyer’s journey is more self-driven than it ever has been, thanks in large part to the opportunities presented by mobile.

B2B marketers must make sure they are working from the same purchase journey map that their customers and prospects are using. Many of the key landmarks are the same ones marketers have been using for years, but the route between them, and the vehicles that move customers from point A to point B, have changed in big ways. More…

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Aficionados Favor Their Own Flavor of Brand Loyalty

20 Dec , 2016 | Mason

Customer loyalty comes in a variety of flavors.

For instance, there’s legacy loyalty: the brands you grew up with, the ones your family has trusted, are brands you’re likely to remain connected to as an adult and pass on as a household name for the next generation.

There’s habitual loyalty, like always stopping in at the same coffee place before work simply because it’s on your way and has a drive-through window. If a new business opened up with slightly better prices, better coffee, or a shorter wait at the window, you could be tempted away from your mainstay.

And at the far end of the spectrum, there are the brands that court a strong following of niche customers who are not only loyal, but consistently and personally engaged, even advocating for their favorite products out of their own enthusiastic interest.


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The Top 3 Priorities of Millennial B2B Buyers

3 Oct , 2016 | Mason

millennial b2b buyers

With their growing spending power and their technology-enabled lifestyles, Millennials are comfortably near top of the priority list for retail, entertainment, healthcare, food, and all manner of consumer goods & services marketers. For the very same reasons they’ve captured the attention of B2C marketers, Millennials should be a priority for B2B marketers too.

business-839788_1280Millennials aren’t just consumers, they are buyers. As of 2014, nearly half of all B2B buyers were born between 1980 and 1993, according to a study by Google and Millward Brown. That segment is steadily growing. Most Millennials who are now in the workforce have hardly known a world without instant Internet access, touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets, email, and social media. ‘Digital’ is virtually their first language.

Whether buying for themselves or on behalf of their employers, Millennials favor B2B vendors that prioritize what they prioritize:


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